IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 24, 2012
4:00 PM
Hotel Viking, Newport RI

Chair: G. Witter
Vice-Chair: R. Malucci
Secretary: J.J. Shea

Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: G. Witter

· Electrical Contacts, Connectors and Cable (TC-1) of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman Jerry Witter.

· Jerry Witter thanks Chi Leung (past secretary) for all his years of dedicated service to TC1.

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - Jerry Witter

· 2012 meeting minute has been posted at web page. It was approved.


2. Report on CPMT Transactions – John McBride

·         Holm conference no longer associated with CPMT Transactions.  Transactions mainly used by academics (1/2 dozen or so papers per year set to J. McBride and ½ dozen sent to T. Schoepf). IEEE does not want iexplorer to find the same title in the Holm conference and the CPMT transaction


3. Preliminary Report on 59h IEEE-Holm Conference – Brett Rickett

·         Total registration is 139.

·         Total of 47 technical papers 1 invited presentation (Mort Antler Lecture) and the Holm Award presentation. 

·         General comments are good, all awards given out this year.  Good solid 3 day conference


4. Report on Intensive Course on Electrical Contact –Paul Slade

·         The course, held every other year, is updated with new material.

·         New contact book is purple – expected to be published in Dec.2013 – Jan 2014.  New chapters and new material.


5. Publicity –John J. Shea

·         Accepted the new position of TC1 webmaster and publicity chair for Holm conference.  Website is up-to-date.  Refreshing the website – anyone can send links to me on relevant websites or announcements of other conferences or courses related to TC1.


6. Conference Announcements

·         The 27th ICEC will be in Dresden, Germany June 22-26, 2013.  Please visit the conference website:  - Volker Behrens

·         Call for Papers, 5th International Conference on Reliability on Electrical Products and Electrical Contacts (ICREPEC), Wenzhou China, Nov. 16-18 2014.  Conference is held every approximately 2.5 years.  Majority of contactors, circuit breakers, and switches are made in this part of the country - Z.K. Chen

7. TC1 Technical Topics (current trends)

·      Material restrictions and substitution – Dr. Volker Behrens

      End of Life Vehicles (ELV) 2002 Cd forbidden in all automotive applications, lead solders prolonged – no change.
ROHS recast 2011, no changes for Cd but expected to expire in 2017.
REACH announced to include Cd in Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) list by Spring 2013.  This will force every company to inform every customer when Cd > 0.01%.


·         NEMA and contactors - Henry Czajkowski

Reiterated Volkers comments on CdO (mainly used in North America).

Harmonization of standards (UL, CSA, IEC) in progress. UL508 to be eliminated by 2015-2016 blended into an IEC standard.

More DC applications forthcoming.

·         High-Speed Connector technology – Roland Timsit
There are 2 connector areas <1GHz and >1GHz.  Now many connectors operate > 1GHz range.  Challenges exist to prevent crosstalk, skin depth on Ni plating results in high resistance, also surface roughness an issue, copper clad steel wires for cost reductions.  Roland to recruit a cable person to attend conference.

·         MEMs – Ron Coutu
The good – 10 to 12 paper and thermal modeling.  The bad – reduced funding in academia.

·         Connectors – Bob Malucci
Mature technology that has little changed.  Latest trend is to reduce gold use in connectors due to costs.

      Brett Rickett added the following: Higher data speeds, so stamped contacts not adequate, electrochemical machining, more harsh environments, and reduced costs by reducing or eliminating Au, Pd.  Market drivers are now automotive (consumers expect DVD’s GPS, etc in cars), photo-voltaic, electric vehicles, and alternative energy sources require higher voltage and current.  May be ban on cyanide plating but alternative technology currently not available.

      Rod Martins added: confirmed Brett’s comments and added a wait and see approach if cyanide ban is applied.

·         Circuit Breakers  – Xin Zhou
Focus on cost competitive products.  Intelligence in components – more communication capable products.  Demand for DC breakers and switches for PV market requires different type of interruption levels (UL489B) than traditional ac breakers. Vacuum interrupters are being used for HV applications.

·         Telecommunication – Clemens Schrank
Need more relay papers at conference. Trend is smaller and lower cost for consumer products. Latching electromechnical relay is ideal for lower power consumption.  Standards vary for smart metering applications.  UL508 standard merging with IEC 6947 (61810).

Paul Slade added 600Vdc double break relays are becoming smaller and smaller.  Jerry Witter added: <100M relays made in US and >5B in Asia.  Timo Mutzel added: – markets now open globally, Henry Czajkowski added: – some UL and IEC standards are being blended together to create a unified standard. Roland Timsit added: - concern about polymer out-gassing issues because of shrinking dimensions of relays.

·         New Technology – Thomas Schoepf
DC trends – what is the value proposition of new devices.  NREL in Colorado developed monitoring systems – having trouble finding a market.  Data centers are a growing use of DC.  Enhanced arc fault detectors and 48V dc in trucks.

Respectfully submitted, John J. Shea, 10/2013

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