IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 25, 2012
5:00 PM
Doubletree By Hilton, Portland OR

Chair: G. Witter
Vice-Chair: Bob Malucci
Secretary: C. Leung

Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: G. Witter

·  TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman G. Witter.

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - G. Witter

·  2011 meeting minute has been posted at web page. It was approved.

2. Preliminary Report on 58h IEEE-Holm Conference – Thomas Schoepf

·    Total registration is over 140 (79 USA, 15 France, 10 Japan, 10 Germany, 6 Canada etc..).

·         Total of 51 technical papers and 1 invited paper (Mort Antler Lecture). 

·         General comments are good with specific inputs such as:: slides have too much information by speakers, maybe some example slides can be provided to improve communication; social on first day is good; Sunday reception area is a little crowded but good atmosphere.


3. Report on Intensive Course on Electrical Contact –P. Slade

·         The 4 days course was attended by 37 registered students.  Course subjects include MEMs, switches , high current connectors, power connectors .  Feedbacks were that the objectives were met by 80% of the students. Over 65% strongly agreed that the course was worth the money.  It was recognized that electric contact science was not taught anywhere in the world.  About 30 of the students stayed for the conference that follows.

4. Report on CPMT Transaction –Thomas Schoeph

·         CPMT accepted 14 papers from last year into the transaction with some changes.  IEEE does not want iexplorer to find the same title in the Holm conference and the CPMT transaction.  Academic researchers have to find a way to title change and extended work to publish in the transaction.

5. Report on ICEC2012 in Beijing China

·         Professor Jigao Zhang and ZK Zhen reported about the joint 26th IECE2012 and 4th ICREPEC held in Beijing 5/14 to 5/17.  96 papers and posters were presented with 72 oral presentations.  200 attended with 80 from outside of China. The conference was a success and the post-conference tour to the Great Walls was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

6. Publicity – Chi Leung

·         Web and CPMT newsletter will be the primary medium for TC1 and Holm information. Many members have used the web for info and registration to conference. 

7. ICEC2014 Announcement – Volker Behrens:

·         The 27th ICEC will be in Dresden, Germany June 22-26, 2013.  Please visit the conference website: 

8. Other business:

9. TC1 Technical Topics (current trends)

·      Material restrictions and substitution – Dr. Volker Behrens
ROHS recast 2011, minor changes for Cd but expected to expire in 2017
REACH announced to include Cd in SVHC list by Nov 2012.  This will force every company to inform every customer about Cd components.
SF6 – some talk about taxes on SF6 to support substitution.

·         NEMA and contactors - Henry Czajkowski
Alternative energy programs will increase work in 1000 to 1500V DC power switching development.  Solid state replacement of electromechanical devices with hybrid switching will be more popular.  ROHS in North America by 2017 is questionable because of economics....

·         Connector technology – Bob Malucci
High speed 40 GHz and high, physical structures, reliability in installation, small foot print, mechanical strength limitations are all challenges in the future.

·         MEM – Ron Coutu
RF and 5-10W are areas with some continued work.  MEM funding is low and commercial products are also low. There are some gyros and sensors markets

·         High Current Contactors - Henry Czajkowski
Mature technology that has little changed.  New applications to higher (1000V) DC are being developed.  Xin Zhou commented that there is not a trend to 2 tier designs and applications because of cost..

·         Circuit Breakers  – Xin Zhou
DC breakers, DC power distribution, 600-1000V in Europe are areas of interest to support the alternative energy applications.

·         Telecommunication  – Werner Johler
trend is smaller and lower cost,

·         New technology -
solar module protection, 600V rated isolation,

Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 9/2013

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