Holm 2009 55th IEEE Holm Conference Program

The final program is now complete with the following highlights

  1. Impressive technical program with 51 papers covering 3 days dealing with both theoretical and practical investigations on nano-ampere to kilo-ampere problems.
  2. Technical Sessions on Arc Fault / Safety, Contact Fundamentals, Arc Interruptions, Sliding Contacts, Connector Design / Modeling, Fretting, Material / Surface Finish, Arcing Contact Material, Connector Reliability, MEM Micro-Electro-Mechanical Devices
  3. Invited Mort Antler Lecture by Professor Frank Muecklich, Saarland University, Germany on the new technology of Nanotomography of Electrical Contacts New Insights by High Resolution 3D Analysis of Local Material Degradation.
  4. Conference Awards Luncheon and Conference Dinner for relaxed discussions and networking

Download Final Program
published July 27, 2009

Final Technical Program with link to paper abstracts
- published July 29,2009

Advance Program published June 2009



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