IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 28, 2008
4:45 PM
Florida Hotel & Conference Centre, Orlando, FL

Vice-Chair: Bob Malucci
Secretary: C. Leung

Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: Bob Malucci

TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by vice-cChairman Bob Malucci.

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting – B. Malucci

2007 meeting minute has been posted at web page. It was approved.

2. Preliminary Report on 54th IEEE-Holm Conference – John Shea


        Total registration is 102 attendee and they come from 11 different countries. .

        Total of 53 technical papers with contributions from USA 20, Japan 11, China 4, France 2, Germany 4, Austria 2, UK 2, Switzerland 1, Spain 2, Taiwan 1, Canada 4. The papers are scheduled into 3 days to allow 20 minute presentation. Feedbacks were good that more time is available for Q&A.

        Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Awardee, Dr. John Shea, Eaton Corporation, “Arc Current AC Break Arc Contact Erosion”

        The Dr. Morton Antler Invited Lecture was given by Dr. Thomas Schoepf, Eaton Corporation, “Interplay Between Electromechanical and Solid State Switching Technologies for Meeting Cost, Sustainability, and Safety Demands of Various Applications”

        The dinner social on Monday was well attended by 92 including spouses at the Somba Room Restaurant.

        The 2009 IEEE Holm Conference will be in Vancouver, 14-16 September 2009

        The sponsors program has 11 contributors. This financial support was much appreciated by the conference to keep the registration fees down.

3. Report on Intensive Course on Electrical Contact - Paul Slade

        The 3 day course was offered on 10/23 to 10/25. 22 attended

        Student feedbacks were all very satisfied and with good comments. The 3 full days of class run till 6 pm everyday with good discussions on many practical problems.

        Course offered every 2 years is considered a good plan. The course being held prior to conference day is also good for combined learning.

4. Report on CPMT Transaction –John McBride

        There were frequent communications with John Shea about publications of the conference papers in CPMT journals. CPMT now considers the conference proceedings already an archived material and any re-publication in the CPMT journal must have new material and significant data.

        Authors of Holm papers can still re-submit to CPMT and would receive a completely new review

        Slade comments that many years ago, the Holm Conference Proceedings are not archived in IEEE, but now the Proceedings is published like a journal, and indexed by IEEE into all searchable databases.

        Timsit comments that the CPMT journal publication should be considered a separate publication of more complete work

5. World Calendar

        Web link of world calendar events – forward notice to Chi Leung.

        2009 ICREPEC (International Conference on Reliability of Electrical Products and Electrical Contacts) will be helded in Wenzhou, China

        ECTC is now combined with wire harness conference

6. Publicity – Chi Leung

        Web and CPMT newsletter will be the primary medium for TC1 and Holm information. Many members have used the web for info and registration to conference.

7. TC1 sub-committee Reports:

       Material restrictions and substitution – Dr.Werner Johler
New proposals on halogen free components in electronic components (connectors, PCB areas). Bob Malucci proposed an invited speaker on the subject to the future. Brett Rickett suggested panel discussions on halogen free, ROHS2 that has many changes. Here is a link to the official announcement from the European Commission on the proposed revision of the RoHS Directive, the so called RoHS2.

        High Current Contactors - Henry Czajkowski
Some solid state use was introduced in the Antler Lecture by T. Shcoeph
ROHS2 listed some possibilities to eliminate the exemptions of CdO in traditional NEMA products
NEMA has a white paper on CdO remarking that no easy direct replacement of Ag/CdO contacts

       High Frequency Connectors – Roland Timsit
One session with 3 papers are in this conference. Steve Smith’s paper is specific to nanosecond electrical disconnectivities.

       MEMs and micro-contact technology – Bob Malucci
No new updates

       High current applications: Arc fault detection John Shea
AFCI has tremendous growth with new products released by 4 companies in 6 months. Demand will continue when housing market recovers and consumers are seeing the benefits.
Standards – general changes where it can be used, or retrofits. NEC codes will be on circuits

        Telecommunication – Werner Johler
New standards with signal relays to higher speed, trends to combination of higher frequency and higher power
Higher temperatures 125C are not unusual. High isolation 6kV is significant for the small size
Reliabilities are trending to zero defects at the ppb level or single digit ppm levels

8. New Business

        M. Hasegawa on IEICE transactions, Contact for paper submission details

        M. Braunovic – Contact in Safety and Security Devices. This can be of interest to TC1 members.

Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 8/2009

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