Special Topic Panel Discussion

Applications and Properties of Nanomaterials in Electrical Contacts



Robert D. Malucci, Consultant, Naperville IL

Bretton Rickett, Molex, Inc., Lisle IL


This panel discussion covers the subject of nano-structures and their potential application in electrical contacts. It consists of a series of four short talks provided by experts in the field of nano-technology. The talks briefly cover the areas of Electrical Contacts at Nano-Scales, Tribological Behavior of Nano-Structures, Electrical and Thermal Behavior of Nano-scale Materials and Chemical Properties of Nanoscale Layers. Each talk will be followed by a short question period to give the audience a chance to clarify details that were covered in the talk. Subsequently, a 20-minute open discussion will follow the talks to debate the benefit of using nano-scale structures in electrical contacts.


It is intended that the electrical contact community become familiar with this relatively new field and understand how this technology may be applied to improve electrical contacts. In the tradition of the Holm Conference, the panel discussion goal is to provide an interactive forum for a lively debate on nano-technology and its potential uses in electrical contacts.





Prof. Mark C. Hersam, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

    "Electrical Contacts at the Nanometer Scale"


Prof. D.Y. Li, Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

    "Tribological Behavior of Nanostructured Materials and Tribological Processes Under Light Loads"


Prof. Timothy Fischer, Mechanical Engineering & Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University

    " Nanoscale Carbon Materials For Enhanced Thermal and Electrical Interfaces "


Prof. W. Robert Ashurst, Chemical Engineering, Auburn University

    "Passivating Properties of Molecular and Nanoscale Layers"