IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 21, 2004
4:45 PM
Sheraton Hotel, Seattle, WA

Chair: G. Witter
Vice-Chair: Bob Malucci
Secretary: C. Leung

Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: G. Witter

  TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman G. Witter.

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - G. Witter

  2003 meeting minute has been posted at web page. It was approved. Attendance list was circulated to capture new members, particular emphasis was put on e-mail for easier communication for the IEEE office.

2. Preliminary Report on Joint International Conference and IEEE-Holm Conference – Henry Czajkowski

        Total registration is 168 attendee plus 18 students, with a significant upturn from last year. The 79 papers in proceeding plus the Holm Award lecture and the Mort Antler Lecture.

        Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Awardee, Professor Koichiro Sawa gave a talk on “Arc Discharge and Contact Reliability in Switching and Commutating Contacts”

        The Dr. Morton Antler Invited Lecture was given by Dr. Robert Mroczkowski,  on “A perspective on connector reliability”

Some issues on visa application for traveler from abroad, the suggestion is to apply early and get help from conference to get invitation letters.

3. Report on 2005 Intensive Course on Electrical Contact - Paul Slade

        The 2005 course is under consideration by the Operating Committee with 4 or 3 days course outline. The plan is to have it every 2 years with topics on fundamentals, to connectors to power switching.  There will be a January announcement.

4. Report on CPMT Transaction –John McBride

        IEEE implemented electronic review process,  and this is compatible with Holm Review.  Papers from Holm 2002 were published in May 2004 of CPMT transaction. Holm 2003 papers were still in review process. 30 of 79 submitted papers were reviewed in 2003 and recommeded for CPMT. In the future, the authors will be informed to submit paper to web with notice of already reviewed and recommended. There is automated reminder to reviewer every 2 weeks to move things along.  There are several academic activities in contact fundamentals – e.g. resistances of micro contacts. There is the discussion if the Holm papers are getting too industry dominated?

        Assign TC1 subcommittee to find academic research programs for the Holm conference.

        Web upload of file size 5 mByte. Virus has caused problems at IEEE mail.

5. World Calendar

        Web link of world calendar events – forward notice to Chi Leung.

6. Publicity – Chi Leung

        Web and CPMT newsletter will be the primary medium for TC1 and Holm information. Many members has used the web for info and registration to conference.

7. DVD project – Thomas Schoepf:

        The new DVD with papers from 1953 to 2004 is complete and for sale at the conference. Special recognition by TC1 chairman to Thomas Schoepf, the editor.  Scanning of the papers were done in Germany, and old books offered by Ed Smith.  Every proceeding is now in DVD. The cost of the preparation should be covered by the sale of DVD. Breakeven point is 55 DVD sales. There were at least 35 copies sold during the conference.

8. TC1 sub-committee Reports:

        Material restrictions and substitution – Dr. Werner Johler
 Tyco web page has info on Pb-free issues. Last year’s Holm conference on Pb free workshop should continue to be source of new info.

        42V DC and higher voltages in automotive – Dr. Thomas Schoepf
Movement will be slow, e.g. Chrysler will not seek any 42V system soon, Ford has put many development on hold, GM is still looking and may implement higher voltage such as 300V, Toyota system hybrid 42v with restricted power.  MIT’s document on 42V is still correct but fundamental problems of arcing et is still real.

        High speed connections – Roland Timsit
Areas of interest are: Microwave switches and connectors; reed type relays used in giga-hertz; connection in via-hole. Planning for a session in future Holm conference.

        MEMs and micro-contact technology – Bob Malucci

         High current applications: Arc fault detection and contactors – John Shea and Henry Czajkowski
John Shea reports on Arc Fault Detection
- power distribution interest and research are in arc interruption, more compact but higher interruption ratings; gassing material, venting configurations, are ways to reduce arc flash, a safety issue
- Arc fault circuit interrupters for residential circuit breakers, detect low current 40A arc fault in a 15A circuit breaker, analysis of current wave form in parallel arc e.g. line and ground for detection, recent work on series arc fault, NEC mandated 2008 new constructions to have arc fault (parallel and series); behind the wall wiring, additional safety margins for current arc fault; developers to reduce nuisance tripping with new electronics.

Henry Czajkowski reports: Motor Controls
- US effort is to move to protection of personnel, arc flash issues; OSHA also policing industrial plants
-  smaller contactors with smaller bus bars and more thermal issues to resolve; machine controls to migrate to machines; Ag/SnO2 contact has more activities; work on solid state contactors.

        Nano technology  - Gerald Witter and Kevin Klungtvedt
No report

        Sliding contacts – lack of paper? Ed Smith commented that there is low amount of new work, cost cutting designs only and gasoline corrosion activities.

9. New Business – A preview of the 2006 Internation Conference on Electrical Contacts in Japan. Check our web site for up dates.

Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 9/2005

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