IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 9, 2003
4:45 PM
Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC

Chair: G. Witter
Secretary: C. Leung

Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: G. Witter

  TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman G. Witter.

1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - G. Witter

  2002 meeting minute has been posted at web page. It was approved. Attendance list was circulated to capture new members, particular emphasis was put on e-mail for easier communication for the IEEE office.

2. Preliminary Report on IEEE-Holm Conference – Paul Slade

        Total registration is 86, with a slight upturn from last 2 years.  Both the Mort Antler Lecture on 42V and the Lead Free workshop are of great interest.

        Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Awardee, DR. Robert Maluccci gave a talk on “Fretting Corrosion Degradation, Threshold Behavior and Contact Instability”

        The Dr. Morton Antler Invited Lecture was given by Norman Traub on “42V Challenges: Technical Potholes on the Highway to Success”

3. Report on 2003 Intensive Course on Electrical Contact - Paul Slade

        The 2002 course was cancelled for insufficient student registration. The 2003 course was held in March at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC with 25 students. This was a 4 day course and the feedback were all happy with the quality of material received.

        No course is planned for 2004.  The conference steering committee and operating committee continues to work on a more effective format to support this training program.

        The U. of Wisconsin course on electrical contact was terminated.

4. Report on CPMT Transaction –John McBride

        Low number or reviews from Holm 2003 received with 19 papers from Holm 2003 requesting CPMT review. The editor / associate editors are now John McBride, Thomas Schoepf, and Milenco Braunovic.

5. World Calendar

        Professor Sawa introduced the Japanese conference IS-EMD2003. A link will be created in the TC1 web page.

6. Publicity – Chi Leung

        Web and CPMT newsletter will be the primary medium for TC1 and Holm information

7. CD-ROM project – Thomas Schoepf:

        The new CD-ROM available for sale at conference has Holm papers from 1984 to 2002

        New procedure to scan the proceeding with unbinding the books was helpful to reduce cost.

        Waiting for ICEC Advisory Group to approve including proceedings from International Conference proceedings into future CD-ROMS or DVD.

        Plan to compile all ICEC proceedings into one CD

        Professor Sawa to help get Japan ICEC conference approval.

        Advertise CD-ROM of 1984-2002 on web. The price with go up from the conference price of $75 to $135 at IEEE store.

6. TC1 sub-committee Reports:

        Material restrictions and substitution – Dr. Werner Johler
WEEE ROHS are in effect 7/2006. China regulations to occur in 2004. Web-links to info will be created at TC1 website for current information. Nickel is not prohibited as initially discussed. WEEE requires labeling of Cd containing parts by 7/2006. Tyco web page has info on Pb-free issues.

        42V DC and higher voltages in automotive – Dr. Thomas Schoepf
Overview as provided in Mort Lecture. Believe to be expensive, no big business case, mostly back to advance engineering work with target of 2010 , arc-fault issues with 42V still big, alternative AC options are in discussion.

        High speed connections – Roland Timsit
Areas of interest are: Microwave switches and connectors; reed type relays used in giga-hertz; connection in via-hole. Planning for a session in future Holm conference.

        MEMs and micro-contact technology – Bob Malucci
full session in Holm 2003 with 4 papers; the growth is from $1B to $3B; many MEM conferences with SEMI CON West conference 7/2004 in San Francisco;  opportunity to add as session in future Holm conferences; TC1 sub-committee head will send Holm Call for papers directly to authors to solicit paper and form session.

        High current applications: Arc fault detection and contactors – John Shea and Henry Czajkowski
John Shea reports on Arc Fault Detection
- Trends are electronics into products; reduce package size, reduce let through energy in circuit breakers;
- Arc Fault area: detect sputtering arcs, add to NEC codes, benefit is added protection fro fire.
- Control of arc motion by design, out gassing of material, power quality and reliability, distributed power, use of transfer switches
- predictive diagnostics, on line real time prediction of life for preventive maintenance
- evaluation of black out consequences
Henry Czajkowski reports: Motor Controls
- a stable industry, trends in stand UL to IEC (American version)
- combined UL/IEC label
- US product is still based on NEC code rather than IEC product code
- new UL/IEC 6047-5 for relays
- electronic coil control to adjust bounce characteristics
- smaller contactors going screwless termination
- material issue with US market no big push for CdO free contacts
- a trend to controls on machines, with new requirements on vibrations and shock
- solid state contactors for high current solutions – hybrid switching, and by-pass contacts
- NEMA designs are still more robust and still demanded by customers

        Nano technology  - Gerald Witter and Kevin Klungtvedt
Kevin reports: nanotechnology to exceed $1 Trillion per year by 2015 and will affect all industries (a statement by the National Nanotechnology Initiative). The two areas of rapid progress are biotech and material science. These are “designer materials” with custom properties. Relevant info are at;

        Proposed that intermittent reports be submitted to TC1 secretary every 6 months from all sub-committee heads

7. New Business - none

Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 9/2004

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