49th IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts
Technical Program – Washington DC

Monday September 8, 2003


Introduction and Opening Remarks
Paul Slade, 2003 Holm Conference Chair

8:00 AM


Holm Scientific Achievement Award
Fretting Corrosion Degradation, Threshold Behavior and Contact Instability,
Robert D. Malucci, RD Malucci Consulting, IL



Coffee Break



Session 1 - Connectors (Roland Timsit / John Shea)



Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Connector Insertion Phase
A. El Manfalouti, N. Ben jemaa, R. El Abdi, University of Rennes1, France; T. Reiss, Hirschmann Austria GmbH, Austria

Abstract 1:1


3-D-Signal Integrity Simulation and Measurements on an Electrical Hermaphrodite Connector Interface
Achim Brenner, Horst F. Nowacki, HARTING KGaA, Germany

Abstract 1:2


Investigate the Influence of Contact Impedance on Digital Signal Transmission by Computer Simulation Method
Chen Ya, Baisheng Sun, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, China

Abstract 1:3


Friction Behavior of Press-Fit Applications: Test Apparatus and Methodology
Ned Corman, Marjorie Myers, Charles Copper, Tyco Electronics Technology, PA

Abstract 1:4


Modeling Early Stage Fretting of Electrical Connectors Subjected to Random Vibration
George T. Flowers, Fei Xie, Michael Bozack, Roland Horvath, Auburn University, AL; Robert D. Malucci, Bretton I. Rickett, Molex Inc., IL

Abstract 1.5


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Session 2 - Sliding Contact (Steve Cole / Dick Moore)



Frictional Work as a Sliding Wear Evaluation Parameter
Neil Aukland, Charles Harrington, Delphi, MI; George Drew, C. David Wright, Grant Wheeler, Delphi, OH

Abstract 2:1


Influence of Surface Roughness on Voltage Drop of Sliding Contacts under Various Gases Environment
Takahiro Ueno, Noboru Morita, Nippon Institute of Technology, Japan; Koichiro Sawa, Keio University, Japan

Abstract 2:2


Influence of Small Slide Vibration over Au-Au Electric Contact Phenomenon
Yu Yonezawa, Noboru Wakatsuki, Ishinomaki Senshu University, Japan.

Abstract 2:3


Lunch (on your own)



Session 3 - Breakers &Contactors (John Shea / Henry Czajkowski)

2:00 - 3:20


Visual Measurements of Plasma Arc Modes in a High-Current Vacuum Arc with an Axial Magnetic Field
Erik D. Taylor, Eaton Cutler-Hammer, NY

Abstract 3:1


Arc Root Mobility on Piezo-Actuated Contacts in Miniature Circuit Breakers
K. Pechrach, J.W. McBride, University of Southampton, United Kingdom; P.M. Weaver, Servocell PBT Ltd., United Kingdom

Abstract 3:2


Investigations on Mass Change and Surface Morphology of Contacts in Electromagnetic Contactor
Masaaki TAKASHIMA, Nahoko YAMAMURA, Koichiro SAWA, Keio University, Japan; Makoto HASEGAWA, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan; Yoshitada WATANABE, Kogakuin University, Japan

Abstract 3:3


A Novel Concept for Fault Current Tolerable Contactors
Xin Zhou, Michael Little, Eaton Corporation, WI

Abstract 3:4


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Session 4 - High Current Connectors (Werner Reider / Xin Zhou)

3:40 - 4:40


Degradation of Power Contacts in Industrial Atmosphere: Plating Alternative for Silver and Tin
Bella H. Chudnovsky, Square D Company, OH

Abstract 4:1


The Mathematical Models of Welding Dynamics in Closed and Switching Electrical Contacts
S.N. Kharin, H. Nouri, T. Davies, University of the West of England, United Kingdom

Abstract 4:2


Effect of Intermetallic Phases on the Performance of Tin-Plated Copper Connections and Conductors
M. Braunovic, MB Interface, Canada

Abstract 4:3


Social - Dinner at Tony & Joe’s Seafood Place

6:00 pm


Tuesday, September 9, 2003


Session 5 - Materials (Jerry Witter / Thomas Schoepf)

9:00 - 10:00


Microstructure Effect on Reignition and Welding Properties of Copper-Tungsten Electric Contact
Chi Leung, Eric Streicher, Dennis Fitzgerald, Dan Ilich, AMI DODUCO, PA

Abstract 5:1


The Composition Change of Contact Material Surface
Wu Xixiu, Di Meihua, Li Zhenbiao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China; Liu Chengyan, G&A Technologies, Inc., China

Abstract 5:2


Welding Characteristics of Ag-based Contact Material Under Automobile Lamp Load
Liu Xiangjun, Fei Hongjun, Fuzhou University, China; Feng Xiao, Fujian Province Engineering Institute, China

Abstract 5:3


Coffee Break



Session 6 - Automotive Arcing (John McBride / Z. K. Chen)



Mitigation of Connector Damage During Disengaging DC Loads Using Polymeric Arc Suppressor
Thomas J. Schoepf, Rafil A. Basheer, Abdellah Boudina, Delphi Research Labs, MI; George A. Drew, Delphi Packard Electrical Systems, MI

Abstract 6:1


Make Arc Erosion and Welding Tendency under 42 VDC in Automotive Area
L. Doublet, N. Ben Jemaa, University of Rennes1, France; F. Hauner, D. Jeannot, Metalor Technologies SAS, France

Abstract 6:2


Mitigation and Analysis of Arc Faults in Automotive DC Networks
Thomas J. Schoepf, Malakondaiah Naidu, Suresh Gopalakrishnan, Delphi Research Labs, MI

Abstract 6:3


Morton Antler Lecture
42 Volt Challenges: Technical Potholes on the Highway to Success
, Norman L. Traub, SAE International, MI



Awards Luncheon
2003 Ragnar Holm Scientifc Achievement Award -
Dr. Robert Malucci
2003 Morton Antler Lecture
- Norman L. Traub
2002 IEEE Holm Conference Erle Shobert Prize Paper Award
D. John J. Shea  “Gassing Arc Chamber Wall Material Effect on Post Current-Zero Recovery Voltage Breakdown”



Workshop on the Transition to a Lead–free Industry
Chair: Pat Lees

Panel Members:
Wayne Johnson, Auburn University
Pete Elmgren, Molex
Robert Hilty, Tyco Electronics
Neil Brown, Shipley
Jonathan Best, Delphi Packard Electric Systems


Overview & Abstracts


TC-1 Meeting (Gerald Witter)



Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Session 7 - Relays (Pat Lees / Chi Leung)



RF Performance of Ultra-miniature High Frequency Relays
Werner Johler, Tyco Electronics AXICOM, Austria

Abstract 7:1


An Experimental Study on Operating Characteristics of Ag, Pd and Cu Contacts in Argon Atmosphere
Makoto Hasegawa, Kenta Imai, Chitose Institute of Science & Technology, Japan; Jiro Makimoto, Koichiro Sawa, Keio University, Japan

Abstract 7:2


Research on the Analytical Method of Contact Vibration Performance of Reed Relay
ZHAI Guofu, REN Wanbin, XU Feng, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Abstract 7:3


Research on the Relationship between Contact Breakaway Initial Velocity and Arc Duration
LIANG Huimin, MA Guangcheng, CAI Ling, Harbin Institute of Technology, China; XIE Yong, XIE Guoqiang, Guilin Aerospace Apparatus Company, China 

Abstract 7:4


Testing of Low-Current Contacts Quality and Reliability by Using Third Harmonic Distortion
Karel Hajek, Military Academy, Czech Republic; Josef Sikula, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Abstract 7:5


Particle Impact Noise Detection in Sealed Relays Based on Neural Network
MA Guangcheng, YI Guoxing, WEN Qiyong, WANG Changhong, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Abstract 7:6


Coffee Break



Session 8 - MEMS and Hybrids (Milenko Braunovic / Mike Myers)



Hybrid Micromachined Push-Button Switches
Kai Hiltmann, Eugen Wolf, Hermann Sandmaier, HSG-IMIT, Germany

Abstract 8:1


Contact Properties of Micromachined Ni Probes
T. Itoh, S. Kawamura, K. Kataoka, T. Suga, University of Tokyo, Japan

Abstract 8:2


Development of Low-force Copper Contact Processes
Kenichi Kataoka, Toshihiro Itoh, Katsuya Okumura, Tadatomo Suga, University of Tokyo, Japan

Abstract 8:3


Contact Resistance Characteristics of High Temperature Superconducting Bulk – II
Naoki Yamamoto, Takuya Imaizumi, Koichiro Sawa, Keio University, Japan; Masaru Tomita, Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan; Masato Murakami, ISTEC-Superconductivity Research Laboratories, Japan

Abstract 8:4


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