IEEE Holm Conference Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Award Nomination Guidelines and Form

The Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Award was created by the 1971 Holm Conference Steering Committee in honor of the memory of Dr. Ragnar Holm, the founder of the modern science of electrical contacts. This award is to be granted to the living scientist or engineer who has made significant contributions to the theory or practice of electrical contacts, or for work in related technologies which is directly applicable to contacts. In considering a person's work and selecting a recipient, preference will be given for: a). Nominees that have made contributions to the technology over many years, b) the originality and scientific importance of contributions, and c) achievements that have found a high degree of practice. Provided worthy candidates are found, the Award will be granted annually.

Any person may be nominated for this award regardless of IEEE membership. Members of the IEEE Holm Awards and Nomination Committees are not eligible to be considered for the award while serving on these committees. Nominations are not accepted for personas deceased. Candidates must have made cont ributions to the electrical contact field for a period spanning at least ten years.

Nominator Eligibility
Any person may nominate a candidate for this award, with the following exception: members of the award committee.

Nomination Support Materials:
Endorsers: At least two letters of endorsement are required. One is from the nominator and the others are from the endorses selected by the nominator. Endorsers should be in a position to substantiate the candidate\rquote s contributions by providing explicit detail from personal knowledge. The nominator is responsible for submission of the letters of endorsement.

Candidate Personal Data/Education/Work: "Name", provide complete name of candidate, not initial. "Personal", Provide date and place of birth, and citizenship . "Education", list year and exact degree and institute. "Society Memberships", list various professional society affiliations. Under society activities list officers and major committee work. "Professional History", list present occupation followed by pr evious career experience. Indicate positions held, years, and briefly explain each responsibility.

Technical Accomplishments: "Technical Publications", such as books, papers, reports, and standards are to be listed in chronological order giving authors name s, title, book, journal, or proceedings. "Patents", should be listed by date, number, title, and country or origin. Documentation authentication "Development of Products or processes", may be listed for items not covered by patents. "Technical Presentatio ns", such as keynote addresses or courses developed by the candidate should also be listed.

Significant Contributions: Describe the candidate's outstanding contributions in terms of specific items. Provide a short paragraph to each one including a general d escription of the item, the degree of originality and creativity, and importance of the work to the electrical contact field and the time period over which the contribution was made. Also state cases or examples of practices which were developed or modified through contributions of the candidate.

Forward Nominations To: IEEE Holm Nominations Committee, c/o IEEE Holm Conference, Administrator, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, New Jersey 08855-1331

Nomination Deadline: November 15, 2002

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