48th Holm Conference Committees
2002 Conference Conference Officers



Vice Chairman
Paul Slade, Cutler-Hammer Inc.

Finance Chairman & CPMT-Technical Committee 1 Electrical Contacts, Chair
Gerald Witter, Chugai USA, Inc

Technical Program Chair
John Shea, Cutler-Hammer Tecnical Center

Technical Program Vice Chair
Pat Lees, Technical Materials, Inc.

Intensive Course Dir. and
US Representative
for the International Conference

Paul Slade, Cutler-Hammer Inc.

2002 Operating Committee
Chi Leung, Chair
Paul Slade, Vice Chair
Robert Malucci, Past Chair
John Shea, Program Chair
Pat Lees, Program Vice-Chair
Gerald Witter, Finance Chair
Chi Leung, Publicity Chair

2002 Prize Paper Award Committee
Z. Chen
Henry Czajkowski
Bret Rickett

2002 Technical Program Committee

Technical Program Chair
John Shea, Cutler-Hammer Tecnical Center

Program Vice Chair
Pat Lees, Technical Mateials, Inc.

Bill Balme, Progressive Solutions
John Barsoum, Metalor Technologies - USA
Milenko Braunovic, MB Interface
Stephen Cole, Northrop Grunmman Component Technologies
Henry Czajkowski, Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley
George Drew, Delphi Packard Electric Systems
Engelber Hetzmannseder, Eaton Corporation
Guenther Horn, AMI DODUCO
Pat Lees, Technical Materials, Inc.
Robert Malucci, Molex Inc.
Richard Moore, IIT/C&K Switch Products
Michael Myers, Sigmund Cohn Corporation
Brett Rickett, Molex Inc.
Thomas Schoepf, Delphi Automotive Systems Research Laboratories
Paul Slade, Cutler-Hammer Inc.
Edward Smith, Deringer - Ney
Philip Wingert, OMG Precious Metals
Gerald J. Witter, Chugai USA, Inc.

2002 Awards Committee
Paul Slade, Chair
John Shea
Ed Smith

2002 Awards Nominating Committee
Milenko Braunovic, Chair
Neil Aukland
Chi Leung

2002-2003 Associate Editors CPMT
John McBride
Milenko Braunovic